Calibration Technical Advice

Calibration Technical Advice


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Calibration Technical Advice

Frequently asked questions

How often does my instrument need calibrating?

Measurement instruments are usually calibrated once a year. This because it’s easy to arrange. This isn’t always the best approach to take. Most test instruments will drift over time. Newer instrument? It’ll need calibrating more often. This is until its ability to reproduce measurements over a period of time has been shown and is well understood. You might estimate a suitable recalibration frequency, based on previous experience of similar instruments used in similar environments. But it’s only when you study the actual data from a series of successive calibrations that you can work out a meaningful recalibration frequency.

 What is traceability of calibration?

Calibration results must be traceable. This gives confidence in the validity of the results. The results on the calibration certificate need to be traceable to the standard used. In turn, the results on the certificate for the standard need to be traceable to the standard used for its calibration.

Do my instruments need calibrating?

No, not always. But if your test equipment isn’t measuring properly then you won’t get the right measurement readings. Calibrations can be costly.  Price is one of the main factors when it comes to deciding not to calibrate. However, there can be even bigger costs when it comes to using un-calibrated equipment. One good example is product recalls. Imagine if your product got recalled. Would that cost you more than getting your equipment calibrated? Probably yes.   

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